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My blog is a bit like the inside of my brain - a coulourful jumble of things that make me smile.

It's mostly like a virtual sketchbook/journal to keep all my doodles & scribbles in one place - both for me, and for anyone else who'd like a peek.

It's also an ever-growing collection of the things I love - photos, makes, art, design, crushes, handmade loveliness, home décor,  food, style, geekery... lots of good stuff, all stashed safely in one place.

It's somewhere to scribble down adventures & thoughts and snippets of everyday life to keep safe to look back at and smile about another day.

It's a place to dream, to share ideas, to show and tell, to shamelessly self promote and to generally think out loud in a modern, virtual sort of a way.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it, bookmark it  to come again perhaps, subscribe/add it to a reader if you're into that sort of thing, maybe even tell a friend?

Thanks for stopping by!
Leslieanne x

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