Twenty Four Days of Treats & Tiny Reminders!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

I mean, if you've clicked on the link to come to this post, then that's likely what you're looking for, but still, I'm warning you again, just in case you've changed your mind & want to back out and keep the treats in your advent calendar a secret surprise to enjoy each day!

(Or in case you've stumbled across this post some other way - if you don't want to see the contents of this year's Leslieanne Made It advent calendar - click away NOW!)

...nope? You really wanna know what's inside each little package? Alright then, here we go! >>>

Day 1: 50mm Santa's Coming Critter Badge

Day 2: Round Blue Bauble Enamel Pin

Day 3: Long Pink Bauble Enamel Pin

Day 4: Make Yourself a Priority Postcard & Hang in There Vinyl Sticker

Day 5: Long Green Bauble Enamel Pin

Day 6: Long Blue Bauble Enamel Pin

Day 7: Think Happy Thoughts Fridge Magnet

Day 8: Round Green Bauble Enamel Pin

Day 9: Round Pink Bauble Enamel Pin

Day 10: Green Spotty Washi Tape

Day 11: The Day You Plant The Seed is Not The Day You Pick The Flowers Postcard & Critter Sticker Sheet

Day 12: Keep Going Fridge Magnet

Day 13: Gold Star Enamel Pin

Day 14: Pink Dalmation Washi Tape

Day 15: Direction is More Important Than Speed Postcard & Pocket Tiny Reminder (Double sided - you'll receive two copies so that you can use both sides!)

Day 16: Self Beliefios Enamel Pin

Day 17: Blue Sprinkles Washi Tape

Day 18: Negative Thoughts Eraser Enamel Pin

Day 19: Smile Lots Fridge Magnet

Day 20: Think Happy Thoughts Enamel Pin

Day 21: Nothing in Nature Blooms All Year Round Postcard & You're Doing So Well Shooting Star Vinyl Sticker

Day 22: You've Totally Got This Fridge Magnet

Day 23: Fresh Squeezed Hope Enamel Pin

Day 24: Merry Everything 50mm Button Badge


If you want to get your hands on all of those little treats to spoil yourself throughout December, you'll need to be quick!

Numbers are verrry limited, and when they're gone - they're gone!

Click here to snap up your own box full of Twenty Four Days of Treats & Tiny Remminders!

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