...unless you're happy to see spoilers about what's coming in Tiny Reminder Post for the next few months!

If you want everything to be a surprise, do NOT keep reading!'ve been warned!

Go & look at some cute stuff in The Clubhouse instead! 😊💛

Still here? Okay, let's chat about what you can expect from the next four months of Tiny Reminder Post! 😀

As you may or may not know, MAY (as in the month!), is the first time I'm offering FOUR MONTH subscriptions, for a one off payment rather than setting up a recurring monthly payment via paypal - oooh!

You can find the listing for those right here & scoop yourself four month's worth of new Tiny Reminder collections, delivered to your door, for just £20.

If however, you'd like to know a little more about what to expect before you commit, this is the post for you! Each envelope will include the usual postcard, double sided mini print, sticker & letter from me (Plus subscriber extras if you choose a 4 month subscription!)  - and the specific contents of each collection will still be a secret until they're posted, BUT! I've put together a tiny spoiler blurb for each one too...

MAY: Pretty in Pink envelopes will be posted on Monday the 30th

"A collection of Tiny Reminders about how life is supposed to be ENJOYED!" life feeling like a bit of a slog? A non-stop to-do list that never seems to end? you need a reminder to look out for the everyday joy or a refresher course in noticing & holding on tight to the happy good stuff? I've got you covered!  ...May's collection of reminders will hopefully help you remember that's there more to life than working hard & paying bills! 😀

JUNE: Sunny Yellow envelopes will be posted on Monday the 27th

"A collection of Tiny Reminders about choosing your OWN path!" you ever feel like you're "behind schedule", or a bit stuck? - a bit lost, even? You're definitely not alone. Thing is though, that mythical "path" you're worried about following? YOU get to decide where it goes! This collection will be full of reminders to help you get back on YOUR track 😉

JULY: Summer vibes Coral envelopes will be posted on Monday the 25th

"A collection of Tiny Reminders about things you DON'T need to say sorry for!" you say sorry like a reflex? If someone accidentally bumps into you, do you find yourself apologising to them even though it was their fault? Chromic over politeness might not be a huge problem in itself, but if it leads to being over apologetic for everything else in your life too, it might be time to nip it in the bud! ...July's collection of reminders is designed to help do exactly that! 💛

AUGUST: Blue Sky/Vitamin Sea envelopes will be posted on Tuesday the 30th (because Monday 29th is a bank holiday!)

"A collection of Tiny Reminders about BELIEVING Your Own HYPE!" ...there's a fine line between being humble & being self deprecating & there's another between confidence & arrogance - that one often holds us back from blowing our own trumpets too loudly - maybe too much so! Because it's NOT arrogant to believe your own hype, it's a cornerstone of self care! If you need a irefresher course in being your own biggest fan, this collection will be a good start 😊

Remember: Four Month Subscriptions are ONLY AVAILABLE Until the 27th of May, or until they sell out, whichever happens first! Click here to get yours NOW

(And if you've got any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch!)

Have a great day,

💛 Leslieanne


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