Leslieanne's Lockdown Smile Stash Giveaway!

Hello lovely humans!
How are you all doing?

It's day 16 of quarantine/lockdown/stay at home club for my little gang and me, and we're doing okay 😊
As you might already know, I've temporarily closed the shop until things settle down, but I wanted to do *something* fun to keep things ticking over (and, real talk: help me pay keep making *some* income while the world is topsy turvy!)

So, allow me to present: Leslieanne's Lockdown Smile Stash Giveaway! 😀💛 or, #LMISmileStash for less of a mouthful on Instagram 😉

The idea is that for every day my shop is closed, I will add a new prize to the smile stash.
When the shop re-opens, one lucky winner, picked at random, will scoop the lot!
(There will also be runner up prizes & everyone who enters will receive an extra special re-opening discount code 😀💛)

The first THREE prizes (since I officially closed on Monday) are: A Jumbo Critter Mix, A Seconds Lucky Dip & an original rose gold version of my Happy Thoughts pin.
(I'll reveal the daily additions on Instagram, then do a round up on here once a week or so.)

SO! How do you enter? Take your pick...

💛 For one FREE entry, download my critter colouring sheet ( for free! - it's also at the bottom of this post!) - colour it any way you like, post your masterpiece to Instagram (grid or stories) with the hashtag #LMISmileStash & tag me (@leslieannemadeit) so I don't miss it!
(If your account is private, send me a screenshot!)

💛 Download anything you like from my Etsy Shop (it's still open because it's all done online) - every purchase gets you FIVE more entries 😀

💛 Join me on Patreon! Not only will you get instant access to a whole bunch of fun content, but you'll also score extra entries into the prize draw! (Joining Bert's Buddies gets you THREE entries, Spencer's Squad gets you FIVE, and Chester's Crew gets you a whopping TEN extra entries!)
- you can of course stop or change your subscription as & when you like!

💛 Subscribe to Smiley Snail Mail, or buy a one off envelope - everyone who receives a May envelope will get FIVE entries 😀 (That means you too existing subscribers!)

There's no limit to how many times you can enter, and depending on how long the shop stays closed, I may add more ways to collect extra entries as we go 😎

As ever, any and all support you lovely people give my tiny business is MASSIVELY appreciated, but especially now; in these weird uncertain times.
The virtual shop doors might be closed for now, but I'll keep throwing as many little bits of happy at you as I can; here on the blog, on Instagram, on Patreon, and I'll still be sending my Friday emails too.

Remember: these weird times WON'T last forever! But while we're getting through it, we're all in it together, so we may as well try to find some reasons to be cheerful, right?

Take care gang,
💛 Leslieanne

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