Closing down... for now!

As a small business owner, the idea of "shutting up shop" at all is basically terrifying, let alone doing so indefinitely; BUT, in light of all the Covid-Chaos; that's what I'm doing.

For as long as the UK remains in "lockdown", to minimise the risk to my customers, my family & myself, I have decided to close my virtual doors 😕

But it's not all bad!

I will be continuing to send Smiley Snail Mail as usual (it's much easier than orders to just drop in a postbox once a month), and I'm working on something else that should be fun too...

Also, I'll still be around on Instagram, I'll still be sending my Friday emails, and It's very likely that there will be more content than ever over on Patreon!

So it's not really even goodbye, it's just changing things up a bit, for a little while.

As soon as I can safely re-open, I absolutely will, and of course I'll keep you all updated along the way.

Take care gang, and if you can, STAY HOME!
💛 Leslieanne

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