Happiness is... Sweater Weather!

I switched my wardrobe around this weekend* - which sounds a lot grander than it actually is & ultimately means that I'm delighted to be reunited with all my cosy jumpers for autumn 😃

When it comes to the seasons, I'm very much a "love the one your with" kinda gal; they all have wonderful things to offer.

But, as much as I always mourn the end of summer & much as I miss those long light evenings and pretty floaty frocks, I have to admit that deep down, Autumn is my true love & does have a little edge on the rest of the competition.

Maybe it's the pumpkin spice lattes. Perhaps it's the cosy evenings in, bundled under a blanket with a candle lit & fairy lights twinkling. Maybe it's the insta-worthy sunsets or the crunchy leaves or the riot of colour that is nature having one last "hoorah!" before winter sets in.

Or maybe, it's just that wrapping up in all my favourite mustard knitwear feels so comfortable and familiar, it's like a big cosy hug from a dear friend you haven't seen in a while.

Whatever the case, I love it. A lot.
I'm a dedicated autumn enthusiast & I make no apologies!

If you feel the same way, you can grab the enamel pin to prove it here 😀

(*essentially, my wardrobe is pretty small, so to avoid crushing everything in, I also have a storage bag to stash everything out of season - so summer frocks have made way for knitwear & long sleeves!)

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