Say Hello to Tenner Tuesday!

So, Tenner Tuesday - what's that all about Leslieanne?!

Well, it's a fun new thing I'm introducing to the Leslieanne Made It shop that I hope you're going to love!

Essentially, every Tuesday, there will be 10 boxes available, for £10 each.
What's in the boxes? That's the fun part!

The contents will change every week, but they'll always be bargains.
The full details of what's inside won't be announced until the boxes go live each Tuesday, but my mailing list subscribers will get a sneak peek on the Friday before, so make sure you're on there!

Sometimes, the boxes will be full of current stock for a bargain price.
Sometimes they'll contain older or discontinued stock at a super bargain price, or imperfect stock at a super duper bargain price!
And sometimes, they'll include brand new, unseen things. Maybe samples, new ideas, or just exclusive short runs of other nice things I've had the urge to make. Exciting, right?!

My hope, is there will be something for everyone; as a way of saying thank you to all my brilliant customers and supporters - I literally couldn't do my dream job of running this tiny empire without you. You're all lovely & you 100% deserve happy treats & bargains!

Plus, I'm hoping that maybe it'll be a fun way to help more people shop small for (whispers) *Christmas* too - since there will be lots of giftable treats at bargain prices ☺

The first lot of boxes will be available on Tuesday 1st October, set your alarm!
(And remember to make sure you're on the mailing list for sneak peeks!)

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