My Favourite Colour is Autumn - Tees available now on Mercht!

autumn rainbow tees t-shirts

So I am totally breaking my own rules by talking Autumn before my birthday - I always have mixed feeling about the influx of * A U T U M N F E E L S * as soon as the calendar gets turned to September, it just feels a bit too soon, and I like to squeeze out every drop of summer before before I go all in on all things pumpkin spiced!
(and I definitely do go all in!)

BUT! as a business owner, you do have to lean in to trends and the like, and you do need to plan ahead, and that's why I'm breaking the rules - to tell you about these lovely seasonal t-shirts I've designed!

The colours of autumn always make my heart happy, which inspired this little autumnal rainbow illustration. It's actually part of the autumn treats collection that's coming to my website soon, but I've been wanting to try a Mercht campaign for a while, so I decided to use it there too!

If you're unfamiliar with Mercht, it's a website where illustrators like me can put their work on tees with no upfront outlay (yay!) - provided I sell at least 10 t-shirts, they'll go to print & start shipping around September 24th - just in time for layering up with your favourite knitwear for peak autumning!

There are lots of sizes & colours to choose from, so make sure you have a look through the drop
down menu to find your perfect match :)

Now I'm going to go & try to convince myself it's still summer... (don't panic, my birthday's on Monday - I'll be in full on PSL sipping, giant scarf & bobble hat wearing mode soon! ;)

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