How To Be Your Own Biggest Fan!

When did you last take time to congratulate yourself on a job well done? To give yourself a tiny cheer; or celebrate a victory, however small?

If you're struggling to remember, ask yourself this instead: when did you last give yourself a hard time for not doing a good enough job, for messing up or falling short?

It's an easy trap to fall into isn't it? It';s so much easier to be self critical - most of us are guilty at some point of being our own worst critic when really:

* * * We should be our own loudest cheerleader! * * *

Because let's be honest, who else is going to do it for you? You need to believe in yourself before you can expect anyone else to!

So, with that in mind, here are some ideas to help start tipping the balance in your favour, to get you on your way to being your own biggest fan!

1. Stop comparing. Comparison is the root of all evil, so quit it! We are surrounded, every day, with
highlight reels of other people's lives - our friends, our families, celebrities, strangers we idolise on instagram... and it's human nature that we measure ourselves up against them, but it's also SO damaging!

Firstly, you're not them, you never will be. You are YOU & that is WONDERFUL

Secondly, remember, you're seeing a tiny fraction of their lives - the good bits - which, by all means, take inspiration from, but don't let their wins translate into your imaginary failure! Stay on your path, work towards your own goals and be inspired by those people you admire, not disheartened. Look at them as living proof that You. Can. Do. It. Too! It's not just them - You are amazing too :)

2. Learn to like yourself. A lot of people talk about "self care" & "self love", but I think it's important to concentrate on self "like" first. When you've spent too much time comparing yourself to others, and/or talking down to yourself, try taking a step back and getting to know yourself all over again. Forget what you think you want and focus on your own truth.
Who are you? What do you want to achieve in life? What matters to you? How do you want to spend your days? Then, start making the changes you need to build a life where you are happy in your own company, and believe in yourself so much that cheering yourself on is an automatic reaction!

It's not just them - you are amazing too!
3. Ditch the false modesty. What are you really great at? Be proud of your talents, toot your own horn! It doesn't need to be arrogant, or narcissistic; so long as you keep hold of your humility, you can absolutely sing your own praises while staying humble, without playing down your talents or hiding behind false modesty. So give yourself credit where it's due, and don't view at it as bragging, look at it as showcasing what you have to offer the world.

I chatted some more about being your own biggest fan in May's Smiley Snail Mail letter, which is available to download here if you'd like to read.
You can also find my Crush Comparison postcards here if you fancy a physical reminder!

If you'd like to start as you mean to go on - leave a comment on this post and be utterly unapologetic about what you're brilliant at! ...don't hold back - you're amazing!

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