Treat EVERY day like a special occasion!

Be honest - do you have things in your life that you hardly ever use becaise they're "too nice"?
Things that you're saving; maybe for "a special occasion"?

...I think we all do to be honest - the posh silverwear that only comes out at Christmas, the plush towels that are just for guests, the fancy frock that mostly lives in a corner of your wardrobe waiting for the once a year or so it gets to shine... it's silly really!

I think we all need to get over ourselves and start living in the moment!

Life is too short, and frankly so precious, that every day is special and should be cause for celebration!

So USE those beautiful things! - you deserve those little pockets of joy they bring - all of the time, not just when there's something "special" on the calendar!

Enjoy them & treat every day like a special occasion - and yourself like a VIP, because you are!

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