Ohai 2018! (Is January 8th too late to say Happy New Year?)

...I'm never entirely sure of the cut off point where we stop saying Happy New Year - I mean something that's three hundred and sixty five days long is still *pretty* new after 8 days, right? Anyway...

Happy New Year! (Yeah, I'm going for it.) How's it treating you so far? I feel like so far so good, but at the same time, I'm not certain I've really started. Last week sort of escaped me to be honest - I did a couple of days work when Shorty went back to school on Thursday, but today's got all the proper back to work feels, y'know?

Hence the blog post - I wanted to get a few odds and ends down on virtual paper for the year ahead. I don't do resolutions as such (because who wants to start a new year with no more this or giving up that... they always feel like a self fulfilling prophecy of failure anyway), but I do like to set myself a few goals and/or good intentions to focus on in the year ahead.

This year's are being beautifully modelled by the little critter up there ^^^ - Do Your Best (it's ALWAYS enough) - Be Kind (always always) - Smile Lots (because life is just plain nicer when you're smiling.) I'm also planning to try to take better care of myself - I'm not going to make grand claims about exercising and clean eating, but drinking plenty of water eating more veggies than cake & getting to bed at a sensible time would be a good start. I've also got goals and hopes and dreams for my tiny empire, but those are probably better off in a post of their own.

How about you? Have you made any resolutions or set any goals? I'd love to hear about them :)

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