Five Reasons You Should Be On My Email List!

Okay technically, this post falls under the blatant self promotion banner which in the main, I try to steer clear of, buuut, there are genuinely good reasons to get yourself on my mailing list, and it's absolutely free, so really I'm doing you guys a favour right?! Anyway - to the reasons! ...

O N E : Freebies! As a tiny way of saying to thank you to the superstars who let me land in their inboxes, on the last day of each month, I choose one happy gang member to post a little box of happy to. It might include products from the shop, original doodles and/or other happy little treats I've come across throughout the month.
T W O : Discounts! My email subscribers always hear about discounts before anyone else, and often, get a slightly better offer than what's publicly available too - shh! 😉

T H R E E : Sneak Peeks! Once you're on my mailing list, you'll be among the first to know about new things coming to the shop, and...

F O U R : First Dibs! Whenever there's a seconds sale or a promotion happening, you'll know first & be able to get in early to score the bargains you want!

F I V E : Happy Stuff! It's really important to me to send emails that are more than just self promotion, so as well as that you can expect happy little doodles, motivational pep talks and other good stuff I come across on the ol' interwebs. I'm also a big fan of cheering on other artists and makers I love, so if you're doing your own creative thing I'd love to hear about it & you might just end up in a future letter from Leslieanne!

So there you have it!
If I've convinced you, click here to sign up, if not... did I mention FREEBIES?!

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