Autumn Essentials

Are you an Autumn Enthusiast? I definitely am, though I have to admit, it took me a while to accept that summer was over this year - which is unusual given how much I love all things autumnal.

Then I spotted the pumpkin spice latte promos popping up in Starbucks, and like a moth to a flame, I am now well and truly in Basic Fall Gal mode, and I am unapologetically loving it.

In case you're in need of a little encouragement to embrace all things autumn yourself, I thought I'd round up a few of my favourite seasonal essentials to help get you in the mood.

Knitted Goodness
By far one of my very favourite parts of getting autumn ready, is the actual getting ready - in the morning that is. Knitwear is my FAVOURITE. I love digging out my jumpers that've been packed away since last year; it's like being reunited with cosy old friends. And of course there's nothing wrong with making a few new friends either. (Personally, couldn't resist adding this to my own knitted gang, plus (cough) one or two others.)

All The Hot Drinks
Obviously, the classic PSL is the Basic Fall Gal go to drink at this time of year, but if pumpkin spicing up your life isn't your thing, fear not - autumn has lots more to offer in the hot beverage department! I've recently found out about salted caramel green tea which I'm now basically addicted to, chai lattes and/or teas are delicious, spiced apple or mulled just about anything are warming and oh so cosy, and let's not forget about hot chocolate! (of course with all the trimmings - why would you not?!)

Bundles of Blankets
I am rarely more content at this time of year than when I am bundled up in a cosy blanket cocoon. Throw in a seasonal beverage and a boxset to bingewatch on netflix or a good book to get stuck into & I'll happily burrow down for days! Speaking of books...

Piles of Paperbacks
(...hardbacks are fine too, I just like alliteration.) Either way, books are an essential all year round, but especially so when you're indulging in a blankets & hot drinks fest right? Next on my to read list, is Autumn; by Ali Smith, because maybe I'm just a big ol' cliche with a pulse, but it sounded (and looked!) far too perfect for this unashamedly Basic Fall Gal to pass up!

Mood Lighting
To really set the scene for your autumnal mini-hibernation session, you're going to need some appropriately cosy lighting too. Fairy lights are splendid, and candles are great too - bonus points if they come with seasonal fragrances. (Yankee Candle's Autumn Night does exactly what it says on the jar and I make no apologies for the predictableness of mentioning it because it's SO good.)

The Great Outdoors
Much as I adore this time of year for cosying up at home with all of the above, there is something very special about getting outside at this time of year too. The changing colours, the crunchy leaves, the conkers!! (I'm a grown woman - why am I still unable to pass a shiny conker without sticking it in my pocket?!) So yes, I definitely recommend putting a good few walks in the crispy autumn air on your to do list - you might spot a friendly squirrel, and all the blanket & hot drink goodness will feel even more wonderful after the fresh air.

What autumnal essentials would you add to the list? I know I haven't even mentioned snacks (shocker!), but to be honest, autumn eating is basically a whole post of its own.

P.S. Have you joined my happy thoughts list yet?

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