Blogging is becoming like gym membership for me* - in that I pay the membership (hosting) fee every year, then get a burst of enthusiasm for maybe a week before never being seen again! 😂

Well I'm going to break that viscous circle, right here, right now!

Or I'm going to try to at least.

I've archived the few posts that were here, because they're mostly irrelevant now & a fresh start is always good, and I'm going to aim to fill up this little corner of internet with good, interesting stuff from here on - at least once a week!
Stuff that will include things I'm doing, things I'm loving, things I'm reading & obviously an occasional helping of self promotion 😘

Sooo. Feel free to do whatever it is folks do to keep up with blogs these days (since google reader is no more!), follow me on Instagram or twitter or facebook, and/or add yourself to my happy gang mailing list as I'll most likely link to new stuff from there too ☺

I'll do my very best to make it worth your while!

*i'm basing that entire analogy on information gathered from the episode of friends where ross & chandler wind up with a joint bank account after they try to quit the gym. I have never been & probably will never be a member of an *actual* gym.

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