Smiley Snail Mail is Changing!

Don't panic, it's still going to be a monthly dose of colourful happy thoughts, it's just getting a bit of a makeover...

Hang on though Leslieanne, isn't it only two months old? Well, yes. But as with most of the random ideas from my brain that I turn into *actual things*, I basically jumped in & went for it, planning, as ever, to learn & adapt as I went. That learning curve, plus some super helpful feedback from you lovely lot, has helped me decide to make changes sooner rather than later, as I believe they're going to mean more fun for you (& a slightly easier life for me!)

SO! From September, Smiley Snail Mail envelopes will absolutely still be colourful, decorated treats that come flying through letterboxes once a month, but they'll now contain:

- A double sided A4 letter from me, full of chatter, doodles, tiny reminders and other happy things.
- ONE A6 Postcard &
- ONE Jumbo (60mm round) sticker. ...all of the content will still be brand new, unseen & kept secret until it's sent.
On post day, everyone who has bought an envelope will receive an email from me with an exclusive discount code for 20% off EVERYTHING at, which will be valid until the end of the month you receive it.

(And yes, you can also use that code to grab the next month's envelope for £4!)
(And also yes, as long as you're on the Smiley Snail Mail List, you need never pay full price for LMI Brand treats again! Exciting!)

Sound Good? You can snap up your spot on the September mailing list here :)

So why the changes Leslieanne?
Well, the reasons are two fold...
Reason One: I had lots of messages from people who just wanted the letter, ie. the fun of treating themselves & receiving the snail mail, but who had no real use for so many postcards & stickers each month, so were reluctant to sign up.
The original focus of this project was about sending out smiles & positivity, so really, concentrating more on the letter than the extras makes a whole lot of sense!

With that in mind, the new-look Smiley Snail Mail is more about the simple joy of receiving the fun envelope & letter, it's more focused on the chatter, the happy thoughts & the doodles - (the way I actually wanted it to be before I got distracted with extras!)

Of course if you are a fan of sending snail mail as well as receiving it, and you do want to add to your sticker & postcard stash, you can use your monthly discount to do just that (and to snap up the next month's envelope for £4!), plus you will still receive one new postcard & a newly enlarged (?!) sticker in your envelope, so hopefully, everyone's a winner!

Reason Two: In the interests of transparency & keeping it real (as is my general way!), the old style contents took a l o n g time to design and pack up. I've had so much fun putting the envelopes together these last two months, and I have made a tiny profit in terms of costs vs revenue, but throw in the many hours of design time and packing envelopes? Not so much! (Honestly? My over enthusiasm to jump in & get started blind sided the biz-savvy part of my brain a tiny bit!)

The new style envelopes will give the time to make sure the quality of the content you receive stays high, and that my sanity stays in tact!

Phew! If you're still with me after that essay, THANK YOU! I hope you'll understand why I'm shaking things up a bit, and that you'll still be excited to receive colourful bursts of Smiley Snail Mail in the future!
As ever, your support means the absolute world to me - I literally can't do this fun stuff without it!

You're the best, and I'm so very grateful!

What Leslieanne Read In July

I tried to make the photo of July's books extra girlie, since the book choices themselves seem to have taken a bit of a sinister turn!

Turns out, contrary to all my protesting when the Tall One tried to pull me into his literary world of thrillers and crime, I actually do like a bit of the darkside! (I'm going to have to throw in some sappy romance next month to even things out though!)

Of the five I read in July, I really enjoyed all but one - so let's get the less great one out of the way first shall we...

What Leslieanne Read in June

Yes, you read the title right - June's reads... on the 20th July. Oops.
(At least you can tell I had good intentions - the photo was taken weeks ago - the peonies are long gone!)

I'd feel less bad about it, but there were only two books to write about! Which feels sort of like slacking in itself since the last few months have had much bigger stacks, but it was a busy month and both of these took me a while to get through, for different reasons.

Anyhoo, shall we crack on before I'm supposed to start writing up July's reads?! Let's go...

Smiley Snail Mail - A Handwritten Letter & Colourful Treats from Me to You!

Hands up if you love the (slightly retro) thrill of receiving good old fashioned post?
(The good stuff i mean, not bills or bank statements)

Me Too! Which is why I have started a new project over at Leslieanne Made It: Say hello to Smiley Snail Mail! 😀💌

Once a month, I'm going to fill up colourful envelopes with treats & cheer, & send them out into the world to make people smile! Want one? Keep Reading!

What Leslieanne Read In May...


Slightly belated book round up this month, sorry! (I actually had two emails asking where it was though, which made me smile - thank you for those!)

Anyway, the delay is partly due to a half term hangover (why is it so hard to remember how the real world works after a week off?) and partly because, as you can see, it's a pretty big ol' pile of books to chat about. Let's jump in shall we?

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