Smiley Snail Mail - A Handwritten Letter & Colourful Treats from Me to You!

Hands up if you love the (slightly retro) thrill of receiving good old fashioned post?
(The good stuff i mean, not bills or bank statements)

Me Too! Which is why I have started a new project over at Leslieanne Made It: Say hello to Smiley Snail Mail! 😀💌

Once a month, I'm going to fill up colourful envelopes with treats & cheer, & send them out into the world to make people smile! Want one? Keep Reading!

What Leslieanne Read In May...


Slightly belated book round up this month, sorry! (I actually had two emails asking where it was though, which made me smile - thank you for those!)

Anyway, the delay is partly due to a half term hangover (why is it so hard to remember how the real world works after a week off?) and partly because, as you can see, it's a pretty big ol' pile of books to chat about. Let's jump in shall we?

Let's Talk About Mental Health...

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, a very good thing, designed to get people talking about all things mental health related, to educate, inform, start discussions, do away with 'taboos', and ultimately, help anyone who's struggling get the help they need.

A phrase I've seen a lot is 'Your mental health is just as important as your physical health', and the more I see it, the more it bugs me, because surely - they're both part of the same thing?
For example, I suffer with anxiety. Usually, it's low level background noise that I can manage without too much trouble. But when it gets really bad; I can experience migraines, panic attacks, insomnia, loss of appetite (or the opposite - eating everything in sight!) - all physical things that come about as a result of my mental health. I'm fairly sure other mental illnesses come with their share of physical symptoms too, so isn't it time we stopped thinking of Mental & Physical health as two different things?

What Leslieanne Read in April...

It's May already?

Yes, this year is wooshing (technical term) and it's a bit scary to be honest, so let's not dwell and just crack on with the books instead.

I've built up quite a big stack through April - six books to tell you about (partly because two were so good I gobbled them up in 2 days each, and partly because we had  quite a few train journeys last month, which are always great for a bit of quality bookworm time).

I enjoyed all six, (some more than others) and I think I've covered quite a good jumble of genres again, so let's jump in shall we?

What Leslieanne Read in March...

So this is a slightly delayed reading round up, but quite frankly, if you throw a four day weekend full of chocolate and the first week of  Easter Holidays (my FAVOURITE holidays!) into the mix, a gal like me who is generally only just keeping up with life, is going to be subject to delays!

ANYWAY! Last month's books were a really mixed bag; content wise, so hopefully there's something for everyone to maybe stick on their to read list. Let's get cracking shall we?

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