MAKE time for DOWN time!


Productivity is GREAT, I mean we all love that feeling of ticking everything off the ol' to do list, right? But do remember that REST is important too!

Go too long without taking a break & you'll most likely not achieve much at all!

Let's Have FUN Today!

Any of my fellow parents feeling like they need to work extra hard to make the summer holidays at least a BIT fun, despite living in the times of the Coronacoaster? 😩

I mean sure, most kiddos have already had a huge chunk of time "off" - but it really didn't count, did it?! They couldn't see their pals, nothing was open - even the park was out of bounds!

Honestly, I think our children deserve a lot of credit for getting through pandemic life in one piece - there have definitely been days when my 11 year old handled the whole thing better than I did!

Sure, there was many a wail of "I'm boooored!!" & a few tantrums [on both sides] about home schooling, but ultimately, he dealt with it all brilliantly.

Really, kids deserve the best summer ever for getting through all the weirdness that's been thrown at them, but with everything still topsy turvy, it's easier said than done.


...Leslieanne Made It is re-opening!

I know the world is far from "normal" yet, but after much (much) deliberation, I have decided to re-open the shop - albeit on a slightly scaled back for ease of social distancing basis.

I'm going to be posting orders out ONCE a week until further notice (on Tuesdays) - the cut off for getting your treats in the weekly post bag will be 8pm on Monday.
(Also, please be aware that there might be slight delays in Royal Mail getting your packages to your door - those guys are HEROES, but obviously they're having to abide by their own safety measures too, so patience is much appreciated!)

Leslieanne's Lockdown Smile Stash Giveaway!

Hello lovely humans!
How are you all doing?

It's day 16 of quarantine/lockdown/stay at home club for my little gang and me, and we're doing okay 😊
As you might already know, I've temporarily closed the shop until things settle down, but I wanted to do *something* fun to keep things ticking over (and, real talk: help me pay keep making *some* income while the world is topsy turvy!)

So, allow me to present: Leslieanne's Lockdown Smile Stash Giveaway! 😀💛 or, #LMISmileStash for less of a mouthful on Instagram 😉

Closing down... for now!

As a small business owner, the idea of "shutting up shop" at all is basically terrifying, let alone doing so indefinitely; BUT, in light of all the Covid-Chaos; that's what I'm doing.

For as long as the UK remains in "lockdown", to minimise the risk to my customers, my family & myself, I have decided to close my virtual doors 😕

But it's not all bad!

I will be continuing to send Smiley Snail Mail as usual (it's much easier than orders to just drop in a postbox once a month), and I'm working on something else that should be fun too...

Also, I'll still be around on Instagram, I'll still be sending my Friday emails, and It's very likely that there will be more content than ever over on Patreon!

So it's not really even goodbye, it's just changing things up a bit, for a little while.

As soon as I can safely re-open, I absolutely will, and of course I'll keep you all updated along the way.

Take care gang, and if you can, STAY HOME!
💛 Leslieanne

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